Hume City Council has joined an modern pilot program to higher protect residence renovators from possible publicity to asbestos fibres.Our crew are passionate concerning the trade and supply useful, pleasant advice to each customer. We delight ourselves on pleasant customer support and professionalism. Every customer is exclusive. Once we learn abo… Read More

Small bundles of asbestos should be packaged in at least three layers of 0.2mm thick polythene (black plastic) sheeting, and completely sealed with adhesive tape. The above list is only a small section of work related illness and disease that can affect many employees. In a peritoneoscopy if the cancer is in the abdomen the doctor makes the same pr… Read More

Friable asbestos means any material that contains asbestos and is in the form of a powder or can be easily crumbled or reduced to a powder by hand pressure when dry. The rarest form of the disease is pericardial mesothelioma, which first forms in the area surrounding the heart. Laws governing liability and compensation for asbestos related disease… Read More

Bill Tait, the husband of early anti-asbestos campaigner Nancy Tait , died of the condition in 1968, sparking his wife's subsequent activism.I lately purchased a ranch residence built in 1960. The basement has ceiling tiles that I want to remove. Concerned about doable asbestos content. Wet the surface of asbestos material down before commencing wo… Read More

Asbestos was commonly used in many building materials between the 1940s and late 1980s because of its durability, fire resistance and insulating properties. If you suspect that a product may contain asbestos but cannot find any relevant documentation, consider calling a professional to take a look. Incidence of the disease in this state nearly dou… Read More